Kjetil Ervikson

Jag kommer nu att arbeta i riktning underhållningsmusiker. Utöver detta vill jag försöka att återuppliva mitt enmannsorkester! Men jag tar en dag i taget. Alt jag gör i framtiden som musiker blir ändå bara som amatör och ren hobby. Jag känner det er länge sen jag spelade på tangenter. Så det vill väl ta ett tag, innan jag er der igen!

Have Korg pa300, usb driver its not working!

No one wants to take responsibility for their own usb driver! I happen to be a throwing ball between the store I bought the keyboard, Korg in the usa and korg in sweden. So far no one can answer why their own usb driver does not work in win10 or win 8.1!

Korg has very good instruments, If you do not depend on good support!

Just take a look at their forum, where no one can register!
I tried to register for the second time, but not once! Either they have blocked Scandinavian users, or closed the registration completely! Not good to say! Tried to send an email to admin but that email address does not work / does not exist.

I have the driver installed in win10 on my desktop and for win 8.1 on latop. but it does not work with pa300!

Strangely, to me, there is nothing about Korg after I searched the same place in the register for ”media”!

It seems to install, but there is no info on it in the registry!

Have any explanation, why? No, nowbody have.